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Privacy Statement

We are a not-for-profit think tank dedicated to serving the global environmental illness community.

We do not gather personal information on our visitors, such as names and addresses. We do not try to identify a visitor, except in cases of illegal activity, such as cyber attacks.

We do not sell any information about our visitors.

Our hosting service provides logs of access to our website. These logs tell us which sites visitors come from (such as search engines or websites linking to us). They tell us what documents are downloaded. They also tell us what network address (IP address) and oprating systems are used by our visitors, etc.

We use these logs to make reports that tell us what pages are popular, what countries our visitors come from, etc. This tells us what topics interest our visitors and helps shape the website so it can do the most good.

Our hosting service assures us that they do not look at these logs.

The detailed logs are purged regularly, while the aggregate reports are kept long term.

E-mails we receive are handled appropriately. We may forward to someone else to answer it. In rare cases we may quote from e-mails, but we will protect the sender's privacy (except e-mails from journalists, predators, etc).





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