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Helping a friend who cannot use a computer?

Are you helping a friend find information about chemical or electrical sensitivities? Many of the most sensitive patients cannot use a computer because of the fumes, the radiation or the flicker of the screen.

This website is designed to make your task a little easier.

We suggest you print out the main menu and one or more of the sub-menus, so your friend can select which articles are of interest. When you wish to print out an article, click on the PDF version for the best printing results.

Many office supply stores will print documents for a small fee, often at a lower cost than if you use an inkjet printer. Simply bring a printout of the menu with the documents circled in (make sure the web address is on the printout). Some stores allow you to e-mail documents to be printed, or you can download the PDF files to a flash drive and bring it to the store.

All documents on this website can be printed in black and white, which is much cheaper. If you ask someone else to print the documents, make sure to specify black and white printing.

For more on using the internet when helping people with electrical sensitivity, go to: www.eiwellspring.org/ehs/InternetAccessWithEHS.htm

Thank you for visiting, and for helping a friend in need.





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