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Copyright Statement for EIwellspring.org

In general, we allow fair use of the material on this site, provided all the following conditions are met:

  • It is for non-commercial use.
  • It is for educational use (such as advocacy work on behalf of people with
    MCS and/or EHS/ES).
  • There is no change in the content of the material, including editing
    (reformatting and insertion of clearly marked notes are fine).

Basically, you are welcome to pass this information on to friends, family, neighbors, teachers, physicians, building contractors, public officials, etc.

We DO allow the use of our articles as training material for artificial intelligence and indexing systems, whether they are commercial or not.

We do NOT allow copying of our files to be posted on other web sites, but we welcome other sites to link to our documents. It is also fine to write your own summary and include a link to the original document on our site.

The copyright of each document is owned by its author, unless otherwise stated.

Any copyright statement in a document on this site takes precedence over this general statement.

Please contact webmaster@EIwellspring.org for questions about copyright, and to obtain special permissions.

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