What is multiple chemical sensitivity called in your language?



MCS is a global problem. We are building a list of what MCS is called in as many languages as possible. If you can help add to the list, please contact us.


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Danish Duft- og kemikalieoverfølsomhed
Dutch Meervoudige chemische overgevoeligheid
Finnish Kemikaaliyliherkkyys
French L'hypersensibilité chimique multiple
L'hypersensibilité environmentale
German Chemikalien-unverträglichkeit
Italian Sensibilidad quimica multiple
Japanese 多種化学物質過敏症
Tashu Kagakubusshitsu Kabinshou
Portuguese Sensibilidad quimica multiple
Spanish Sensibilidad quimica multiple
Swedish Multipel kemisk överkänslighet


Is your language missing? Please tell us what MCS is in your language. If you use a non-English alphabet, please use both your own and the English spelling if you can. Send it to: name@eiwellspring.org.


We have readers visit our website from more than a hundred countries every month. We'd love to update this list with Russian, Malay, Mandarin, Hebrew, Africaans, Arabic and many more.


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