The EI Wellspring

Practical Information for Coping with
Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity

Environmental Illness

MCS Historical Timeline   PDF

When the Chemical Industry Woke Up About MCS   PDF

Casino Workers Get MCS from Pesticides (1990)   PDF

Finding Organic Food in 1991   PDF

Historic Newspaper Articles

Allergic to Her Classroom (Novato Advance, 1983)   PDF

The Last Resort (L.A. Times,1990)  (external link)

When Life is Toxic (N.Y. Times,1990)  (external link)

Sufferers Find Haven from Chemical World (N.Y. Times,1990)  (external link)

Boeing to Ill Workers: "It's All In Your Head" (WA Free Press,1994)  (external link)

A Fragrant Violation? (Washington Post,1994)  (external link)

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