The EI Wellspring

Practical Information for Coping with
Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity

Coping with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity  

Introduction to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity   PDF

Evaluating the EMF Environment   PDF

How to Measure EMF   PDF

How to Measure EMF in a House   PDF

How to Measure Dirty Electricity    PDF

Electromagnetic Survey of a Home   PDF

Resources for Electrically Sensitive People   PDF

Resources for DC Living   PDF

Using Power Strips to Lower EMF Exposures   PDF

Choosing Household Wiring for Low EMF   PDF

Solar Energy Can Be a Health Hazard   PDF

Low-EMF Computer Set-Ups

Subliminal Flicker: Part I   PDF

Subliminal Flicker: Part II   PDF

Compact Fluorescents Shine Light on Health Issues   PDF

Cooking Without Getting Zapped   PDF

Electronic Access to Businesses and Organizations   PDF

Hospital Accommodations of EHS Patients in Sweden   PDF


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See our Safer Telephones page for Low-EMF telephones
and our Off-grid Living page for Zero-EMF homes

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