The EI Wellspring

Practical Information for Coping with
Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity


MCS/EHS Communities

Overview of EI Communities   PDF

Dolan Springs Environmental Community   PDF

Jerry's Dolan Springs   PDF

Prescott, Arizona   PDF

Snowflake Area

Snowflake MCS/EHS Community   PDF

Snowflake MCS/EHS Community Photo Tour   PDF

Snowflake Area Photo Tour   PDF

MCS/EHS Rental Houses   PDF

Disability and Environmental Health Resource Guide for the Snowflake-Taylor Area   PDF

In the Middle of Nowhere, a Promised Land
Article from High Country News

Snowflake on NPR / 99% Invisible  (external link)

An Oasis in a Toxic World
Article from The New York Times focusing on Snowflake, Arizona

Other Arizona

Arizona's 5G Transmitter Law   PDF

The Arizona Smart Meter Resistance   PDF

Wind Farm Story   PDF

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